• Mezzanine Structure Fire Rating

    Code Compliance | Posted by Paul Moan
    Tags: Mezzanine

    The fire-resistance rating of a mezzanine structure often comes into question during design.  Common questions asked include: what materials are permitted to be used? What is the required fire rating of the structure? What penetrations of the mezzanine floor need to be protected?

    As no specific direction is provided in the Mezzanine section of the building code (Section 505), the construction of mezzanines is required to conform to the following:

    • Constructed of materials consistent with...
  • New Elevator Code Adoption

    Code Compliance | Posted by Rebecca Barolli
    Tags: 524 CMR

    In early June of this year, the Massachusetts Board of Elevator Regulations adopted a new elevator code.

    Code Basis

    The new Board of Elevator Regulations code is based on the 2013 Edition of ASME A17.1 with Massachusetts specific amendments.

    Date of Adoption

    The new code went into effect on June 1, 2018.

    Use of Old Code

    The adoption of the new provisions includes a concurrency period which is in effect from June 1, 2018 until December 1, 2018. During this time period, individuals seeking...

  • Skylights and Energy Efficiency

    Code Compliance | Posted by Jeff Perras

    Daylighting can be a major energy-efficiency asset when combined with automatic lighting controls. For this reason, skylights are required in by the energy code for enclosed spaces greater than 2,500 square feet and meeting the following criteria (2015 IECC 402.4.2):

    • Located directly under a room with not less than 75% of the ceiling area with a ceiling height greater than 15 feet, and
    • The space is used as an office, lobby, atrium, concourse, corridor, storage space, gymnasium/exercise center,...
  • How to Achieve NFPA 241, Construction Fire Safety Compliance

    Code Compliance | Posted by Peter Harrod

    There are two primary components to maintain a fire-safe construction site:


    Phase 1: Development of a relevant Construction Fire Safety Plan (hereafter referred to as “the Plan”).  The Plan must be specific to the project means/methods, associated hazards, proposed mitigation, logistics, etc. that will be present on a particular project(s).  This Plan may be requested at the time of permit application.  In any case, the Plan should be submitted to the authorities having...

  • Shaftway Signage - Fire Fighter Safety

    Code Compliance | Posted by Caitlin Gamache

    527 CMR and 780 CMR both require every outside opening accessible to the fire department that opens directly on any hoistway or shaftway communicating between two or more floors be plainly marked with a sign.  The sign must have red letters on a white background that reads “SHAFTWAY” with letters that are at least 6 inches high.  All required signage must be readily visible from the outside of the building.  The purpose of the requirement is to warn responding personnel that...