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    Client Centered, Results Driven

    Navigating through complicated and evolving building, fire, and life safety codes to ensure or maintain code compliance and provide a fire-safe environment can be a daunting task. Code Red Consultants prides itself on cutting to the chase when it comes to code compliance. Our approach is simple - we focus on easing our client’s pain by simplifying complex code requirements, developing innovative and creative solutions, and ultimately delivering a successful project that meets all of the stakeholders’ needs.




Our core services are related to providing fire protection and life safety consulting for our clients. From new design projects to evaluating code deficiencies in existing buildings, we can help to make sure your building or project is code compliant. Where the provisions of the code can’t be met, we regularly develop equivalencies, variances, and alternative methods of design to meet the needs of our clients.



With significant experience designing and testing smoke control systems, Code Red Consultants provides flexible smoke control designs that focus on efficiency and constructability. In the role of a smoke control special inspector, this experience allows us to quickly identify and resolve constructability issues in the design. The result is a smoke control system that is properly integrated with other building systems ensuring that it will operate correctly in time for the fire department acceptance test.



Fire protection and life safety systems are small in scale when compared to the design and installation of the MEP systems. However, it is these critical systems that hold the key to the certificate of occupancy and safety of building occupants. We understand the integration of these systems and have the expertise to perform not only field inspection and integrated testing, but also help develop a comprehensive commissioning program to ensure the systems are installed correctly and operate as intended.



Code Red Consultants provides third party review services for smoke control system design, fire alarm design, fire protection design, and code compliance. We also provide third party review services for building and fire officials where the project complexity or workload dictates the need for additional assistance. Utilizing Code Red Consultants for third party reviews helps to ensure that the building is designed and constructed in accordance with the required codes and standards.



Compliance with regulatory life safety requirements can be challenging and nerve­wracking. Code Red Consultants understands regulatory agency procedures and requirements and can help to provide piece of mind during your next unannounced survey. We regularly provide Statement of Conditions (SOC) life safety assessments and prepare master life safety plans to ensure compliance is maintained for our healthcare clients. Where compliance with the prescriptive requirements cannot be met, we provide cost effective solutions through the development of traditional equivalencies and Fire Safety Evaluation Systems (FSES).



Whether it’s flammable and combustible liquids or pyrophoric gases, the hazardous materials present in laboratory and industrial occupancies present unique and difficult fire protection and life safety challenges. Our engineers have a long history of working in this marketplace and understand the compliance options associated with making sure occupancies housing these materials are properly protected. Our capabilities include everything from performing chemical classifications to developing comprehensive compliance plans that involve both fire protection and chemical control and containment requirements.



Code Red Consultants prepares NFPA 241, Construction Fire Safety Plans and Impairment Plans for building owners and general contractors. Our fire protection engineers work to minimize fire and life safety risks to contractors and building occupants while at the same time providing the code required documentation necessary to limit delays with issuance of building permits and / or occupancy. Whether it’s a new project requiring a building permit or an impairment to a life safety system in an existing building, compliance with NFPA 241 can be a challenge depending on the means and methods chosen to deliver a project. By understanding the intent of the code along with the common concerns of building and fire departments, Code Red Consultants works hand in hand with authorities to develop equivalent means of compliance tailored to the specific challenges of unique projects.



Code Red Consultants uses cutting-edge technology to create performance based approaches that comply with the intent of the building code. Whether it's using computational fluid dynamics computer models to evaluate atrium smoke control systems or using finite element heat transfer models to evaluate the fire resistance of a structural frame, performance­ based approaches provide our clients with additional design flexibility and can reduce construction costs significantly over prescriptive code requirements.

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Why Code Red?


Our project approach is centered on understanding the client’s perspective and objectives. This means understanding their drivers - be it cost, schedule, risk mitigation, or creative vision. Before we jump into the project details, we sit with our clients to understand these critical factors to ensure successful project delivery.


We understand the timing of your needs is critical. We make it our mission to return all calls and emails by the next business day.


We understand our clients are busy with many competing commitments. We manage up to our clients through proactive communication and project planning. Being proactive means going beyond just answering the question that is being asked and drawing off our experience to put the major issues on the table early on. We work to anticipate future hurdles and communicate regularly with our clients to avoid costly surprises.


We believe strongly in what we do and we believe this passion results in a better product and a more satisfied client. As fire protection engineers we are able to solve code compliance challenges with engineered solutions. As a result, we provide design and code compliance solutions that don’t just meet the code’s intent, but satisfy the vision and goals of our clients.


Our fulfillment comes from creating lasting relationships with our clients. We take this big picture perspective to every project. We want an opportunity to earn your trust through the reliability and value of our services.


Your account will be handled from start to finish by an experienced engineer that can effectively communicate their industry knowledge unlike many consulting firms that win projects on the merits of their senior leaders and execute their project work with inexperienced junior staff. With Code Red Consultants, there is no bait and switch. We put our best people where they should be - helping clients!

Case Studies

Logan Airport Terminal E Enhancement

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Designed by AECOM and constructed by Suffolk Construction, the Terminal E Enhancement project offers a new experience for international passengers in Boston. The recently completed project, valued at $175 million, included 100,000 sf of new construction and over 200,000 sf of renovated terminal area. This included the revitalization and enhancement of nine existing gates to add additional passenger seating and the construction of a new wing known as “The Crescent” to accommodate larger aircrafts including the behemoth Airbus A380. All of the interior work was built while maintaining airline operations—no small feat. Code Red Consultants worked closely with AECOM and Suffolk Construction to ensure that passenger safety was maintained at all times by developing comprehensive life safety plans throughout all phases of construction. These plans were reviewed hand-in-hand with Massport Capital Programs, the Department of Public Safety and Massport Fire Rescue to make sure all stakeholders were on the same page prior to construction commencing.

Stamford Hospital

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Stamford Hospital recently opened their new $450 Million, 650,000 SF 12-story Stamford Hospital in Stamford, CT. Code Red Consultants was retained directly by Stamford Hospital to serve as an independent third party inspector during construction. CRC was responsible for performing firestopping inspections, fire door inspections, construction of fire and smoke rated walls, means of egress, and other key life safety and fire protection features in accordance with the Connecticut State Building Code, Connecticut State Fire Safety Code, and NFPA 101, as the Life Safety Code by the Joint Commission and Department of Public Health. Code Red Consultants worked closely with Stamford Hospital, WHR Architects, and Skanska to help ensure that the construction was compliant with the applicable codes and standards. In addition to their inspection role, Code Red Consultants also prepared master life safety drawings and fire protection inventory drawings for fire dampers, fire doors and sprinkler control valves for Stamford Hospital.<br>

Partners Healthcare Administrative Office Building

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The recently completed $465 million project located in Assembly Square in Somerville, MA offers 825,000 square feet of administrative office space and included a 2,000 car parking garage adjacent to the new Assembly Row Orange Line MBTA station. The building will house 4,500 administrative employees and also includes 100,000 square feet of future retail space. Suffolk Construction Company was the project's general contractor, and Gensler was the architect. Code Red Consultants is proud to have served as the design team’s code consultant as well as to have served as the project’s smoke control special inspector and consultant to phased occupancy. Our team worked closely with project stakeholders and the City of Somerville to develop a code compliant approach that allowed the design to achieve the desired open design concept office space. The code approach was demonstrated to the City of Somerville using life safety drawings prepared by Code Red Consultants which illustrated the compliant use of unprotected vertical openings, horizontal exits and occupied roof decks.

Millennium Tower

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Code Red Consultants worked closely with Millennium Partners and Suffolk Construction Company on this iconic, 54-story luxury residential tower that transformed the Boston skyline and Downtown Crossing. This project was being erected during a period of heightened awareness of construction fire safety in the state of Massachusetts. To that end, we worked hand in hand with Suffolk Construction to develop and implement a pre-incident fire plan that was viewed by many at the City of Boston ISD/FD as the gold standard. Separately, Code Red Consultants helped building ownership achieve early occupancy while still finalizing construction. This was achieved via close negotiations with city officials, where there was an upfront contract that the fire/life safety systems afforded to building occupants would not be compromised. In this spirit, we commissioned the building smoke control systems and achieved the BFD approval on their first acceptance test visit.

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About Us


Carl Nelson, PE| Chris Lynch, PE| Nate Birmingham, PE| Peter Harrod, PE
Code Red Consultants is led by Chris Lynch, Carl Nelson, Nate Birmingham, and Peter Harrod to provide building owners, designers, and contractors with valuable solutions to their code compliance, fire protection, and life safety challenges. Quite simply, we specialize in the integration of the active and passive life safety systems that most people aren’t aware of until there is a fire event or “Code Red” in a building.


Our business philosophy revolves around the client and driving results. Being client centered means putting the needs of the client ahead of our own. We work hard to earn trust and build lasting relationships through the reliability and value of our consulting services. We started our business because we thrive on solving problems and enjoy helping people. This passion comes through in our work and leads to a more satisfied customer.

We feel that too many code consultants simply regurgitate the code leaving it to their clients to find a solution. Our approach is to understand our client’s objectives and drivers so we can break the code down and provide easy to understand guidance on how it can be met. Our goal is to provide multiple methods of compliance that include prescriptive and performance based approaches that take into account design, cost, and constructability. This approach allows our clients to make efficient use of their time by making informed design and construction decisions that ultimately leads to the delivery of a successful project.